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Thursday, November 1st 2012

12:24 AM

Freebirth – An Overview

When you have a baby on the way, there are a lot of different decisions to make. One option that is gaining in popularity is that of freebirth. This is essentially the act of totally natural child birth performed in a comfortable setting within your home. Instead of a hospital filled with strangers and unfamiliar rooms, you can have your child in the most comfortable setting possible. It's not an option that is for everyone but for many it is a choice that makes sense and provides an incredibly rewarding experience that is unmatched by other delivery options available today.


There are plenty of reasons that this decision is worth making. For many women, the fact that birth is a natural part of a woman's body cycle means that it isn't really a medical situation that requires hospitalisation. Primarily, however, the overall goal of freebirth is to create a kind of environment that provides the utmost relaxation and comfort possible for mom. Since she's in her own home she'll be calmer, more relaxed, and more familiar with her overall surroundings. That sense of calm can help speed up delivery and even reduce pain somewhat. She can also position herself in a way that works for her instead of being forced into an awkward position by a doctor.


Freebirth is only a choice you can make if you have no complications or major risk factors associated with your birth. Since you'll be having your child at home there will be none of the fast-response medical solutions on hand that a hospital would have. This means that if an emergency situation arises that it can be very serious. Because of this, most who opt to have a home birth will usually have a midwife nearby to assist with medical related issues. In some cases the midwife isn't even in the same room as the mother, but knowing they're there will help put your mind at ease.


It's plain to see that choosing to freebirth your child isn't the right call for everyone. There are obvious risks, but there are also numerous benefits. It's important to take the time to consider the choices available to you and figure out the right one for you. If a totally natural birth is what's important, there's really nothing more natural than having your child at home without major medical intervention, and it could be one of the most amazing things that ever happens to you.

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